I am a student, traveler, dreamer, and your typical weird college student struggling through the life of adulthood. Just stepped into the world of my 20’s so bear with me throughout these years! Yes, I just assumed I will have this blog for a long time, but hey this just gives me some motivation to continue blogging!

My passions varies from ballroom dancing, eating, photography, volleyball, and hiking; therefore, as you can see, I am quite the scatter brain. I love doing a lot of things to keep myself busy, so if there are some experiences I should try out, just let me know in a comment.

This blog will be about my travels,  life advices, and random photography sessions; so I hope you will drop by every now and then for your dose of random mumbo jumbo.

Thank you to ISEP for giving me the opportunity to study abroad, so for right now I am putting all my attention on giving everyone information of my life as a student at Chukyo University in Nagoya, Japan.



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