Down Memory Lane

Looking at photos and immediately my mind transports down memory lane. Instead of keeping these thoughts to myself, I am here to share with you, my readers, just a bit about the words floating around in my head.     For the past six years I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit Vietnam during […]

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Reverse or Not?

This post is one whose update was prolonged, not out of neglect, but out of fear. Fear of losing my way in life, the fear of walking down an unfamiliar road, and the apprehension of venturing into an unfamiliar world terrified my twenty-one year old self. Admitting failure is a step towards success and, thinking back, […]

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Hanami Reflection

Once again, here I stand gazing the at the gorgeous cherry blossoms spread throughout the land. While the blooming season here in America is beautiful, I still hold Japan’s Hanami season as the best location for cherry blossom season. Those few days in which tourists from all over the world visit Japan just to get […]

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Next Stop: The Struggle Bus

Welcome back to this lovely post about the preparation process of studying abroad. Let’s go over a few things you have already done(still in the process of doing): Spoke with your study abroad advisor Applied for study abroad program Looking for scholarships for your program Been accepted into a program Filed and completed all required […]

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