Osaka : Umeda Sky Building and Dotonburi

Well, hello there readers! It has been quite awhile, has it not? Well, I have no excuses but I am here for some updates after my short break.

For this update, I want to give everyone a glimpse of my one month vacation to East and Southeast Asia. For the first post we have a trip to Osaka!

Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル)

So, you just flew into Osaka and need some sights to see with your lover? Here is the place for you! Standing at 173 meter tall, the building has two towers connected by the “Floating Garden Observatory” on the 39th floor.

Escalator leading the way up to the Observatory Deck

For those scared of heights, I would not recommend this little trip to the tower. However, if you can put yourself above the city of Umeda, swing by here for a breathtaking view and photo opportunities.

Just hanging out and enjoying the view from atop.

Hours: 10:00 – 22:30

Admission: 1000 yen

Dotonburi Street(道頓堀)

Okay, so maybe shopping is more your thing? Here is the place for you! This street is filled to the rim with shops. From food, shoes, clothing, pharmacies, make-up and cosmetics – this place has it all!

The prices aren’t too bad, but beware of the night crowd. Around 6PM you will get quite a crowd of people in the area and who knows, maybe you will even catch some folks driving around in Mario Karts. Yes, that is right, Mario Karts! PS: Make sure to take a stroll around the river for amazing street food.

There we have it folks, a successful first night in Osaka. Okay, so maybe there were some mishaps in locating our Airbnb…. but we can save that for later.

Food Eaten 


Tamade Station –> Umeda Sky Building

Take the blue Yotsubashi (四ツ橋)line going towards Namba(なんば). Get off at Nishi-Umeda(西梅田駅) and walk 12 minutes following signs for Umeda Sky Building.

Umeda Station –> Dotonburi

Take the Midosuji(御堂筋) line going towards Nakamozu. Get off at Namba station(なんば駅)and follow signs for Dotonburi(道頓堀).

Check back for the next days of adventure!


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