Hanami Reflection

Taken at Nabana No Sato near the Mie Prefecture in Japan 

Once again, here I stand gazing the at the gorgeous cherry blossoms spread throughout the land. While the blooming season here in America is beautiful, I still hold Japan’s Hanami season as the best location for cherry blossom season. Those few days in which tourists from all over the world visit Japan just to get a glimpse of nature’s wonder, those few days which I will forever treasure.

As my mom would say,

“No matter how downhearted you feel, sometimes just a glimpse of beauty will make the mind feel at ease.” 

Times when I feel stressed, are the times when I wish I could view the sight of blooming cherry blossoms once more. Luckily, there are a few places around my area where I have this opportunity; otherwise, I probably would have flown halfway across the world just to experience Hanami. Actually, not a bad idea I do say so myself.

For any of you still in Japan, or plan on going through Nagoya for Hanami next season, check out my old blog post for some killer spots here –> Hanami In Nagoya

This update is not one of advice, nor is it a long one, so I do apologize if you were wanting something more. I will hopefully be getting up an album or two of photos which have not been posted within this month, but until then, here is just a post for anyone out there feeling a little down-hearted.

I may not know who you are, or know your situation in life at the moment, but I want to test out my mom’s advice to me and share this beauty. Who knows, even if your viewing of the cherry blossoms is through a picture, you may still get a sense of calmness in your heart. If I can reach one person, well, then this is all I can do. There is only so much one can do to stay motivated and clear of mind, yet are we willing to take the risks? With the year winding down to the middle, some of us might be struggling through a lot. While times are hard, sometimes we just need to share a word of encouragement to friends and strangers once in awhile. I am not quite sure what motivated me to write this post, even still, I am glad to get things written out. To my friends from all over the world, thank you.

Happy healing everyone and until next time~



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