Mie:(地元)Home To Some And To Others An Adventure


The last time I went to Mie I was located more in the Ise region. This time I explored the Mie’s mountains and ocean view with a little trip to the amusement park.20150621_125339 20150621_114751 For those two days my friends and I ate plenty of wonderful food and had the chance to travel around via car. Never before had I missed driving before until this day. Back here in Chattanooga, we have quite a bit of scenic drives up the mountains. I remember taking random trips up to Signal Point, Sunset Rock, or Laurel’s Point just for the drive. Anyway, the first day was spent going on a little walk up the mountain trail for a visit to a shrine. Next, we headed towards the ocean to catch the ferry to go to Toba’s Dolphin Island.

The ferry to go to Toba Island
The ferry to go to Toba Island

Here’s a little tale I learned form my friend:

There once was a fisherman named Urashima Taro who saved a turtle from harm and in return he was taken to Ryugu-Jo (Kingdom Below the Sea). Here in this kingdom he is met with a surprise because the turtle turned out to be the princess, Otohime. Urashima stayed for three days but longed to see his mother and his home; because of this, he asked the princess if he could return back to his island. The princess obliged and gave him a box which would keep him from harm’s way; however, he was never to open this box for something terrible would happen. Upon returning home, he found out three hundred years had passed since his three days in the underwater kingdom. Saddened about his lost of family and island, he opened the box and in result became an old man. The princess’s voice called out and said, “I told you not to open the box. In it was your old age. . .”

20150620_132710 20150620_132539There is your short tale of the day. In the end, I guess the moral of the story is you win some and you lose some.

The following day we went to a few different spots around the area. The first stop was a Spain themed amusement park named, Shima Spain Mura. Luckily for us, we were given free tickets and the line to the rides took about a three minute wait. Also, we came in time just for the amusement’s daily parade of Latin dances.

Aren't they just adorable?
Aren’t they just adorable?

20150620_135744Boy, this made me wish I had my dancing shoes for a bit of fun. Afterwards, out of curiosity, we headed towards Meoto Iwa, also known as the husband and wife rocks. 20150620_152225 20150621_111831Quite a lovely site and according to Shinto legend, the islands around Japan were formed out of this rock couple. This may seem a bit strange for some, but to the people in Japan this symbolism is so important, people come from all over just to pray for his or her relationship success to these rocks.

The married couple rock
The married couple rock

If you ever visit this area, watch out for the frogs, and by frogs I mean frog statues because those things are everywhere there.

And with that, this is the end of this update. Hope you all will look forward to the next few updates. I’ll try to hurry those up so I can get back on track to current info on studying abroad. Oh, and soon I will be posting up some class reviews on the courses I took at Chukyo University. Until next time ~

Look! Tsu! I'm famous~~
Look! Tsu! I’m famous~~


Tempura Soba
Tempura Soba

20150621_130015 20150621_113715 20150621_111959

Road trip through the countryside!
Road trip through the countryside!
Breakfast was cheap and amazing!
Breakfast was cheap and amazing!
Dinner was a marinated maguro bowl with ume!
Dinner was a marinated maguro bowl with ume!
Am I in Spain in Italy?
Am I in Spain or Italy?



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