Butterfly Effect

Who would have thought an ISEP(International Student Exchange Program) experience would give me an opportunity to meet a professor, which in turn allowed me to meet a business man, which led me to making important life decisions. Well, given that so much has happened in Nagoya, Japan, I am not surprised if more things will arise just because of one study abroad program. This update is not part of my life in Japan, which I will continue updating after this post, but an update of how things are going in America. Hope you enjoy!


“One never knows who we will run into that could make a difference in our lives” – Airplane Anonymous 

These words spoken to me gave my brain and heart flashbacks of the people I have met in just the past 3 years. I met strangers who became friends, friends who became family, and family who became part of me. I lost friends, family, and myself during these years, but I have zero regrets of meeting each person who has made difference in my life. From the tiny airport of Chattanooga to the brightly lit airport of Charlotte, I met a business man on the plane, whose life knowledge and wisdom far surpassed my own. Here, on this blog, begins the story of a chance encounter with a conversation of a lifetime.

One minute, one hour, or even one flight can be the highlight of another person’s day. For me, this one and a half hour flight made me realize, one act of sincerity is worth more than any riches offered by the world. The conversation started off with a simple, “Where is your final destination?” From there, we began speaking about family, jobs, philosophies, memories, and experiences. One topic which stood out to me, were his words reminding me how much my own life’s journey has yet to begin.

As humans, we are faced with ups and downs. Many answers left in the darkness, yet at the same time, new questions arise. What is even more troublesome, are the curveballs hurdling towards our blind spots. However, if and when we overcome these obstacles, feelings of accomplishment begin overshadowing those past heartaches and troubles. Maybe not forever, but just enough to keep us going towards something. Just as a coding program with no end, this cycle will be a repetitive way of living; we just have to face things either through old means or create a new path. You have your own dreams, you have own life, and you know what, you have your own special talents. I may not know who you are, but everyone can do something great. Everyone is not created equal, but your greatness should not be a measurement compared to anyone else’s standards except for your own. I say all these things not as a flatter or out of ‘kindness’, but as encouragement. In my days of darkness, my friends, family, and even strangers were able to brighten those moments. Sincere words of encouragement, or even a quick slap to the face, can be the determinant to a person’s day.

My first couple of years in Chattanooga were years of development for my program in Nagoya, Japan. I took the lessons taught to me by others and applied them to problems in Japan. I took the lessons taught to me in Nagoya and applied them to problems in Chattanooga. The cycle is a never-ending learning experience, but this is the cycle I yearn for, one which throws surprises in all directions.

Special thanks to this professor for the amazing opportunity to help out at his gallery show. Which, by the way, you should check out at the Orphic Gallery in Roxbury, New York. Theme of this show is, “Travels In Cuba”. If I had never met this professor in Nagoya, Japan while on my study abroad program, I would have missed out on a great conversation. Students, take time to speak with your professors, you never know what sort of mess… I mean fun moments they will give you. Thank you again to this professor and Mr. Airplane Anonymous for two wonderful experiences. Until next time~


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