Coffee Searching and DIY Cold Brew

I am still working on part one of my Vietnamese trip update, but here is a short update to fill in the gaps!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Starting the day off right with a nice hot cup of coffee and a quick update on the travel blog, now this is what I call relaxing with style. I did not know there was such a nice coffee shop around the area, but now that I do the owner can be sure he has a new regular. This coffee shop is named, Manhattan Coffee, and is right off the street of where I live in Shiogamaguchi. 20150317_125835

The shop reminds me so much of a place in Chattanooga (check out Mean Mugs if you can), so it always nice to find a little piece of your town in another country, 20150317_125839and it is even better when both the service and coffee is amazing! I came here a bit late, but before 12:00PM there is such a thing as ‘service’, which means you order a drink and a set comes along with it for free. Not a bad deal and all! The best part is your drink could cost as as little as 400 yen (a little under 4USD)! I think I could get used to this way of living. Something else I enjoy about this shop is the relaxing atmosphere. Inside there seems to be only one worker and many different coffee machines. A few I have noticed are the following: Italian moka, French drip filter (cà phê phin), pour overs, espresso machine, coffee grinder, and over twenty types of coffee beans. 20150317_120956

I got myself a cup of black coffee and the subtle flavor was enough to start the day off right. This isthe place to go to if you are ever in the area. The only problem I have is a semi language barrier between the owner and I; however, hopefully over the next few months this barrier will be broken. Guess this just means I have to keep studying my Japanese, and more coffee terminology! Until next time Manhattan Coffee!

20150317_120836 20150317_120842

DIY Cold Brew Coffee – 

Okay, so you do not have a coffee filter, nor do you have the ‘proper’ cold brew pitcher. You are also craving a nice homemade cold brew coffee without having to go out to the market. What to do now? I ran into this problem during a week of cheap living and created a little contraption of some sorts out of the following items: coffee grounds, sugar, pot, pitcher, bowl, strainer paper towels, and some yarn or linen string.

Instructions For Cheap DIY Cold Brew Coffee! 

First  (1):

Go ahead and make a pot of boiling water of about one cup. Once the water is boiling, you will pour one tablespoon of coffee grounds directly into the pot for about two minutes. Remember to stir!

Second (2):

Take one sheet of a paper towel, dampen it, then wring out the excess water. Careful not to rip your towel and place it over your bowel with a strainer underneath. 

Third (3):

From here, you will pour out your pot of hot coffee grounds onto the paper towel which will act as your filter for the grounds. Inside the bowl should be your black coffee, but remember this is only acting as an enhancement for the latter half of the instructions. Go ahead and place this bowl into the fridge to let it cool off. If you want to stop here, go ahead and let your coffee cool down and add ice cubes for iced coffee! If you want a little bit more, continue with these instructions. 

Fourth (4):

Take two pieces of paper towels, pour about a cup of coffee ground onto it, then fold it neatly without any open exposures which could allow the grounds to leak out. I like to fold mine like you would a present, that way the next set of instructions are a bit easier to follow.

Fifth (5):

Next, take your string (or yarn), and wrap it around width wise first and tie a double knot. If you weary of the paper falling apart, you can go ahead and make two separate width knots, one on each end of your paper filled coffee grounds. You will repeat the following except this time wrap it around the length end. Shake your filter around to check if any grounds leak out, if not than your homemade coffee filter is complete!

Sixth (6):

Get that pitcher out which you have probably been using for storing lemonade or sweet tea, because now you are using it for an even tastier beverage! Go ahead and fill it up to about 4 cups, or just to your liking of coffee taste. Remember, the more water the weaker the taste! Once you put your desired amount of water into the pitcher, place  your coffee filter directly into the pitcher, place the lid on, pour about one spoon of sugar in (try honey or cinnamon instead!), stir the sugar (or your chosen ingredients), and put the pitcher into the fridge for about 3 hours.

20150314_090521 20150314_090516

Seventh (7):

Remember that coffee we made three hours earlier? Take your bowl out and pour it directly into your pitcher. Next, place the pitcher into the fridge for another 16 hours. Such a long process, but time can save money!

Eighth (8):

Take out your pitcher, grab a glass of ice, grab a book, listen to some music, and pour your homemade cold brew coffee! Hopefully this little DIY Cold Brew will allow you to make some nifty tastes. I enjoy trying out different coffee grounds, and I do recommend mixing a few to your liking. Using coffee filters is a much better process, so if you have some I’d make use of them, but if not try out the homemade filter instead!

This is all for today, but soon enough I will be posting more of my travels. Look forward to my next update on Vietnam!

Until next time!~


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