Frozen Only For A Moment – Short Break From Adventure Updates

Life takes you for a ride and the next thing you know everything is at a standstill. Perhaps at one point or another, someone reading this post has experienced this feeling. Everyone is placed into a different environment, so dealing with these anxious emotions is a different lesson and path. I may be a small voice and I may not have much experience in various topics, but goodness gracious people why can you not see how much potential you have? Sometimes I envy the ones who are over confident, but then I remember, “Wait, why should I even compare myself?” I am my own person, even still, I should use this emotion as an opportunity for improvement. For right now, I am speaking specifically for people who are studying abroad in a foreign country or attending college as both an undergraduate or graduate student. Perhaps you are at the point of life where you feel everything you do is all in vein. Why continue school when in the end you may or may not be happy. My question for you is, who are you at this moment and what made everything change?

This question is not to be confused with those who change his or her major, because over two thirds of incoming freshmen often switch majors. Let us not forget about the second year students who, maybe not at a higher percentage than the first year students, still switch majors. I mean, even third or fourth year students will switch from one area of study to another. When I say the word change, I mean where did the spark for living your life disappear to? Despite knowing the difficulties, you chose your path and continued forward. Sure there are walls a bit taller than the rest, but this just means the reward will be that much more satisfying. Dealing with the reality of education and traveling is difficult, and even worse is when you deal with it alone. Many will argue and say, “No, you are never alone”. To some people, this statement will stand true; however, there are those out there who truly believe he or she is alone. Not speaking for everyone, but I believe the feeling of loneliness can be experienced with or without people. Trying to cheer someone up with comfort may not be the best decision all the time could lead the person to think, “Wow, why can I not experience such a positive attitude.” Then again, this may be the thought he or she needs to start getting out of the slump.

My post is not meant for cheering anyone up, but simply to send out a message. Take this as what you want. You are alive but are you living your life? Frozen as life may be, time will still move on even if you choose to stand still. Take your time and when remember what living is all about. Do not be afraid to fall down, do not forget to stand back up, and do not forget who you are. Life takes you for a ride and the next thing you know everything is at a standstill; even still, there is a journey left unfinished so who else except for you can finish the path?


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