Eat, Study, Explore!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Today I learned that my number one problem I have living in Japan is not knowing what to order when there are no pictures on the food menu. Sure I could be adventurous, but knowing what I am eating would also be helpful. I ran into an issue where I pointed at a certain item and received much more food than intended. This obviously is not a problem; however, issues could arise if I do not have enough money to pay for everything. For future reference try out this phrase, “Kore, onegaishimasu” and point to the picture or word. This phrase translates to “This one, please”. Pretty sure I use  this phrase at least four or five times a day. Besides the confusion at lunch, today was filled with exploration of shopping centers and more food eating. 

Osu Temple during the Respecting of Elders holiday in Japan
Hundreds of pigeons flock here knowing that locals and tourists will feed them.
Ramen – Also the meal in which I didn’t realize I had ordered ramen and rice for lunch.
Maguro Don

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We the exchange students, along with several of the Chukyo University students, went to Nagoya Castle and Osu Temple today as a welcoming to Nagoya city. During the Edo period, this was Japan’s most important castle. Its name could also be known as Meijo, which the name can be seen all around Nagoya such as: Meijo line, Meijo University, and Meijo Park. Much of the castle has been remodeled;however,  visitors can still see what it was like living during the Edo period. After exploring the castle, we all headed towards Osu Temple to be taught the proper way of entering a temple in Japan. Before entering, one must go to a pot of fire and cleanse your body with the smoke. Once cleansed you may then enter the temple, next you throw five yen into a box, bow two times, clap two times, pray your wishes, and finally bow once more to finish the process of praying.

Exchange and Chukyo students
During the Edo period, workers would use ropes to do the heavy pulling of rocks, weapons, and other hefty items.
Kinshachi (金鯱) – Also known as, Golden Dolphins which was used as a talisman to prevent fires at the castle.
The castle town
This is what we know in modern times as a car.
The top of Nagoya Castle
You wouldn’t like to fall down these flights of stairs.
Osu Temple during non holidays.
The cleansing pot.
Yuka, Reina, and I.

wpid-20140918_095132.jpg wpid-20140918_094922.jpg wpid-20140918_094858.jpg wpid-20140918_093836.jpg wpid-20140918_094852.jpg wpid-20140918_095138.jpg wpid-20140918_095342.jpg wpid-20140918_095849.jpg wpid-20140918_100540.jpg wpid-20140918_101428.jpg wpid-20140918_101523.jpg wpid-20140918_101535.jpg wpid-20140918_120030.jpg

Okonomiyaki Hiroshima style


Friday, September 19, 2014

First day of classes and boy was I in for a long day. My first class is located on Toyota Campus which is about a thirty minute subway ride and about a ten minute bus ride. Luckily another student had the same class as me, so getting a little lost was not too bad of a situation. The fun part is that I am able to take a Java class in Japan! Although I already have credit for this class, taking a computer language class in Japanese will make for an interesting learning experience. After my first class I then headed back to Yagoto which is where Chukyo University’s main campus is located. Here, I attended my Pop Culture class which is also in Japanese, and my Japanese language class; another note to add, in the language class the sensei requires you to speak strictly in Japanese inside the classroom. All in all, the first day of classes was a success! Guess this is all I have for the blog updates, so until next time! ~

On my way back from Toyota campus to Nagoya campus!
Miso Tonkatsu
Nappa Salad
The famous natto!
Kobe Beef
On Saturday night we made ourselves some dinner.


2 thoughts on “Eat, Study, Explore!

  1. Thanks for taking all these pics! This is SOOO much better than trying to remember in a year what all you experienced. I’m sure you’re really noticing things more these first few days than the rest of the time you’ll be there, as normalcy starts kicking in and you forget how different everything is.


  2. Hehehe, I went to the Nagoya castle too. I sat in that same box, tugged on that same rope!
    Too bad we weren’t there together at the same time though. [>_<]


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