Nagoya At A Glance

My name is Thu Dang and I am a Junior at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. My major is Computer Science: Software Systems and International Relations: Humanities. Beginning September 8, 2014, my new home will be in Japan as a foreign exchange student. Through the help of the International Student  Exchange Program, better known as ISEP, I will be staying in the city of Nagoya at Chukyo University for eleven months. As a curious student, I gathered information from textbooks and online web articles on this city near the Tokyo, Japan. Did you known Nagoya is the capital of the Aichi Prefecture and is Japan’s fourth largest populated area? Nagoya’s traditional industries include: textiles, ceramics, and automobiles; this city is also home to Toyota and Lexus headquarters. These are facts I learned in a period of one week. Just imagine what else I will learn during this trip! Hopefully by the end August 2015 I will have a more extensive post about Nagoya, but until then here is a list of places I wish to visit: 

§ Atsuta Shrine §

§ Shirotori Garden §

§ Shirakawa Park §

§ Toyota Automobile Museum §

§ Nagoya Castle §

§ Nagono Shrine §

§ Togokusan Fruit Park §

§ Oasis 21 §

§ Mt Ena §

One more week and the adventure begins, so this is it until the flight date! 



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